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The India I Love – Ruskin Bond, Sandeep Adhwaryu (Illustrator)

7326828The India Ruskin Bond loves does not make the headlines. But he finds it wherever he goes – in field or forest, town orvill age, mountain or desert-and in the hearts and minds of people who have given him love and affection for the better part of a life-time.

In this collection of prose and poems written specially for this book, Ruskin Bond looks back on his unique relationship with the country and its people, from the time he turned his back on the Westand came home, still, only a boy, to take up the challenge of being a writer in a changing India.


In My Hands Today…

Time Stops at Shamli and Other Stories – Ruskin Bond

An enchanting collection of stories from the little-known heartland of India Ruskin Bond’s characters—who live for the most part in the country’s small towns and villages—are not the sort who make the headlines but are, nonetheless, remarkable for their quiet heroism, their grace under pressure and the manner in which they continue to cleave to the old values: honesty, fidelity, a deep-rooted faith in God, family and their neighbour. They do have problems, of course—the sudden death of a loved parent, unfulfilled dreams, natural calamities, ghostly visitations, a respected teacher gone crooked, strangers who make a nuisance of themselves in a town marooned in time—but these are solved with a minimum of fuss and tremendous dignity. Taken together these stories are a magnificent evocation of real India by one of the country’s foremost writers.