In My Hands Today…

The Bachelor of Arts – R.K. Narayan

The story describes the complex transition of an adolescent mind into adulthood and the heartbreak which a youth faces.

It revolves around a young man named Chandran, who resembles an Indian upper middle class youth of the pre-independence era. First, Chandran’s college life in late colonial times is described. After graduation, he falls in love with a girl, but is rejected by the bride’s parents, since his horoscope describes him as a manglik, a condition in which a manglik can only marry another manglik and if not, the non-manglik will die. Malathi, the girl with whom Chandran falls in love after graduating from college, is then married to someone else.

Chandran is absolutely heartbroken to the extent that he goes to Madras and starts living on streets. Famished, delusioned and full of self-pity, he ends up wandering from one place to another. Also frustrated and desperate, he then embarks on a journey as Sanyasi. On his journey he meets many people and he is also misunderstood as a great sage by some villagers. After 8 months, he thinks of what mess he has become and thinks about his parents. Due to the compunctions and the realizations, he decides to return home. He takes up a job as a newsagent and decides to marry, in order to please his parents, thinking of the discomfort he had caused them earlier.

Even after returning home, he is still unable to get Malathi out of his head completely and though he tries hard, the pictures and memories of her keep haunting him for a long time. After a long time, his father comes to him with a proposal of marriage to another girl Susila. Chandran is still skeptical about love and marriage and initially refuses but later decides to see the girl. When he goes on to see the girl, he ends up falling in love with her.

Dil Dhadakne Do – Movie Review

We saw Dil Dhadakne Do over the weekend. I’d heard some good stuff about the movie, but went to see it without much expectations.

The premise or story line of the movie is real thin, but the cast was spot on, both the casting and the acting! After seeing the movie, I can’t see anyone else in these roles.

The movie is about a rich, high-society, but highly dysfunctional Punjabi family called the Mehras. Kamal and Neelam Mehra (Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah) are spending their thirtieth wedding anniversary with family and friends on a cruise ship. However,the reality is that, his business is failing and he is in the brink of bankruptcy. They are typical Indian parents who have high expectations of their only son Kabir (Ranveer Singh), who would rather fly a plane than run the business, and at the same time think their married daughter Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra), a successful entrepreneur, should devote her time to her husband (Rahul Bose) and mother-in-law (Zarina Wahab) in being the perfect wife, daughter-in-law and mother!

The Mehras invite the Soods to the cruise as they want Kabir and the Soods daughter Noorie who had been ditched at the altar. This so that Mr. Sood (Parmeet Sethi) will inject funds into the┬áMehra’s dying company. But Noorie only has eyes for Rana, the son of the Khannas who hate the Soods. There’s also Farah,(Anushka Sharma) a British Indian dancer in the ship, whom Kabir falls in love with. Last is Sunny (Farhan Akhtar), Priyanka’s ex, whose father works with Kamal Mehra and who joins the cruise halfway into the film. Oh, I forgot about Pluto Mehra, the adorable pup, voiced by Aamir Khan who is the sutradhar or the voice for the film.

The movie depicted human life as it happens to each one of us – there were so many points in the film where I felt the character was acting exactly the way I did or would do in such a situation. Kudos to the actors and Zoya Akhtar for pulling it off! Some of the humor was very juvenile, evident by GG & BB laughing their heads off, but overall, it’s a paisa vasool movie.

PK – Movie Review


Just saw the movie PK. An amazing movie, was very different from the run-of-the-mill hindi film!

The movie in short – P.K. is an Alien who comes to earth to find life as people on his planet also thinks that there is life on earth. He lands in Rajasthan completely naked and as innocent as a new born babe and immediately somebody steals the pendant which he wears as a necklace and which he needs to contact his spaceship to return home. He starts his search and in the process meets Jaggu aka Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma), a TV reporter who lives apart from her family due to a failed relationship with a Pakistani grad student Sarfaraz (Sushant Rajput) in Belgium plus her disbelief in the god man Tapasviji (Saurabh Shukla) her family believes in.

PK’s experiences in earth are to put it mildly hilarious and the premise of the movie – on how these god men use their charisma and our need for an anchor in god as an excuse to make money out of us, will make you think deeply and perhaps start questioning organised religion.

The climax was superb and the questions raised by PK throughout the movie are pertinent and spot-on!

Boman Irani as Anushka’s boss and Sanjay Dutt as PK’s Rajasthani were excellent. Ranbir Kapoor as the next alien who comes for more research perhaps hinted at a sequel, one that i will definitely go see!

The theatre was not full but we could see people laughing aloud many times. We saw this film as a multi-generational family – me, my kids, my mum and helper and every single person enjoyed it. In short a poora paisa vasool movie! So go and see it!!