In My Hands Today…

Mumbaistan – Piyush Jha

15981825Mumbai, a city of dreams for many. But for others, a nightmare. Behind the façade of lustre and glamour churns a seething underbelly of squalor, corruption and crime.

Mumbaistan’s three explosive crime novellas unravel the subterranean secrets of the maximum city—from the teeming maw of Dharavi and the wanton streets of Kamathipura to the swank high-rises of Bandra.

A prostitute, her lover and a policeman play for high stakes in Bomb-Day. Injectionwala exposes chilling medical malpractices and a lovelorn vigilante’s twisted game plan. In Coma Man, a man awakens from a coma after twenty years and sets out in search of his wife— and himself.

Macabre love stories, conniving cops and hard-boiled slumlords form the backdrop of a schizophrenic city that is brooding…dying.

Welcome to Mumbaistan; a gritty, compelling take on the megalopolis that lives on the edge.


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