In My Hands Today…

Vada Faith – Barbara A. Whittington

13578532When Vada Faith answers an advertisement in a local newspaper for a surrogate mother, she believes all her dreams are about to come true. She’s always wanted to be known as “somebody.” Somebody besides a high school beauty queen in the small town of Shady Creek, West Virginia. Somebody besides the wife of football hero, John “Wasper” Waddell. More than the mother of twins. More than the town’s most sought after beautician, in the shop she owns with her twin sister, Joy Ruth. She’s tired of living in the

She’s tired of living in the run-down Victorian home her husband inherited from his Grandma Belle, even if Eleanor Roosevelt might have once sat in the wicker chair still on their front porch.  Vada Faith longs for a new home in the fancy subdivision of Crystal Springs.

Then, Roy and Dottie Kilgore swoop into town, wanting a child of their own, and bringing money to burn. In going after her own dreams, Vada Faith nearly destroys the lives of those she loves.


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