In My Hands Today…

Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi – R.K. Narayan

1032130To bring out the journal The Banner, Mr. Shrinivas, the editor, and Mr. Sampath, the printer, have to work together. The two entirely contrasting good-hearted characters forge a great partnership that makes The Banner the cynosure of all eyes in Malgudi. However, a situation arises and they have to temporarily discontinue the journal. Not to lay idle, they join hands with a film-making company where they have to trace varying paths, with their special bond still very deep. A love affair with the actress of the movie makes life difficult for the daring and over-ambitious Sampath, while the ethical Shrinivas has his problems of over-responsibility. Some sour incidents in the studio force Shrinivas to quit and revive his Banner with another printer, a thing that doesn’t seem to bother Sampath caught entirely in the charm of the heroine. But Sampath comes back after the loss of the lady, his wealth, fame, and peace.


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