In My Hands Today…

Grave Goods – Ariana Franklin

England, 1176. Beautiful, tranquil Glastonbury ABBEY- according to legend, the last resting place of King Arthur – has been burned to the ground. The arsonist remains at large, but the fire has uncovered the hidden skeletons of a man and a woman. Could these be the bodies of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere?

King Henry II hopes so. Struggling to put down a rebellion in Wales, where the legend of Arthur is particularly strong, Henry wants definitive proof that the bones are those of the Once and Future King, so he can stamp out the Celtic rebellion for good.

To make certain, he sends his mistress if the art of death, Adelia Aguilar, to Glastonbury to examine the bones. At the same time, the investigation into the abbey fire will be overseen by Church authorities – in this case, the Bishop of St. Albans, who is also the father of Adelia’s daughter. But there is someone at Glastonbury who doesn’t want either mystery solved – and is prepared to kill to stop them…


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