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Red Templar – Paul Christopher

After nearly losing his life in Africa, retired Army Ranger and historian John Holliday is coming home and looking forward to some well-deserved peace and quiet. But his idyll is halted before it even begins.

At the airport, he is approached by a Russian man who calls himself Genrikhovich – and what he says stops Holliday in his tracks. He knows the location of the legendary Aos, companion to Holliday’s own prized Templar sword.

Driven to continue his pursuit of the enigmatic warrior brotherhood’s legacy, Holliday soon finds himself once more scouring the world, even as unseen forces align themselves against him. But his search will lead him beyond the truth – and into the dark heart of Russia, where the ancient Templar Order has secretly wielded power for centuries.


In My Hands Today…

The Essential Marathi Cookbook – Kaumudi Marathe

The Essential Marathi Cookbook, a modern, easy-to-use introduction to several Marathi sub-cuisines, travels across the regions and religions of Maharashtra to bring out the most authentic and appetising recipes from the state. Journalist and chef Kaumudi Marathe presents a varied and nuanced selection ranging from the delectable entrees long associated with Maharashtra to appetising and unusual side dishes, and a plethora of desserts, as well as lesser-known but equally tantalising family and regional specialities which have never before appeared in an English-language cookbook.

The comprehensive introduction describes Marathi cooking basics, ingredients and techniques, and also explains the special spices used in Marathi kitchens along with the methods for their best use in seasonings. Packed with personal anecdotes and food memories from the author and other contributors to the book, The Essential Marathi Cookbook is the definite guide to Marathi food and customs.

Recipes include Pithla-Bath (zesty gram flour sauce with hot rice), Shiryachi Poli (sweet semolina-stuffed bread), Ambyacha Loncha (green mango-mustard pickle), Spicy Kolhapuri Mutton, Suranachi Koshimbir (elephant’s foot yam salad), Kelphulachi Bhaji (banana blossom stir-fry), Pach Dalichi Amti (five lentil stew), Mugache Kadhan (Konkan lentil-coconut pudding), Bol Marie (East Indian coconut pie), Pathare Prabhu Baked Karanjis (Coconut crescents), Kharvas (first-milk custard), Khudi (sauteed East Indian style chicken), Ukad Shengule (sorghum pasta), Kaumudi’s Grandmother’s Lettuce Salad.

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Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe – Jenny Colgan

Come and meet Issy Randall, proud owner of The Cupcake Cafe

Issy Randall can bake. No, more than that – Issy can create stunning, mouth-watering divine cakes. After a childhood spent in her beloved Grampa Joe’s bakery, she has undoubtedly inherited his talent.

When she’s made redundant from her safe but dull City job, Issy decides to seize the moment. Armed with recipes from Grampa, and with her best friends and local bank manager fighting her corner, The Cupcake Cafe opens its doors. But Issy has absolutely no idea of what she’s let herself in for. It will take all her courage – and confectionery – to avert disaster…

Plus delicious cupcake recipes inside the book!!

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How to Be an American Housewife – Margaret Dilloway

When Shoko decided to marry an American GI and leave Japan, she had her parents’ blessings, her brother’s scorn, and a gift from her betrothed – a book titled How to Be an American Housewife.

As she crossed the ocean to America, Shoko also carried a secret she wanted to keep her entire life…

Half a century later, Shoko’s plans to finally return to Japan and reconcile with her brother are derailed by illness. Instead, she sends her grown American daughter, Sue, a divorced single mother with a teenage daughter of her own. As Sue and Helena take in Japan, with all its beauty and contradictions, they also discover another side to Shoko, and return to America irrevocably touched, irrevocably changed.

At heart, a mother-daughter story, How to Be an American Housewife explores the intricacies of assimilation, the price of secrets, and the enduring, healing power of familial love.

In My Hands Today…

The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen – Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen is a collection of essays and articles which describe rarely written-about Asian people, places and events; most have appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, CNN Traveller, Geographical, Travel and Leisure Golf, Destinasian and other leading publications.

Speak with the Sultan of Yogyakarta and learn about his love affair with the Mermaid Queen. Meet the homeless man in Hawaii who has the resume to prove he’s the real last emperor of China. Learn why isolated Indian villagers are angry at the monkey God Hanuman for not returning their sacred mountain. Meet the last elephant hunter of Vietnam, who has reached Michael Jordan-like status through a very Asian-accented product endorsement. Play golf on the world’s highest course. Bargain for good-luck on the Philippines “amulet island”. Learn why the white elephant is being used by Burma’s generals to try to justify their hold on power. Ponder the disappearance of Bruno Manser, a Swiss Robin Hood who vanished in a Borneo jungle while trying to help the downtrodden Penan tribesmen stand up for their rights.