In My Hands Today…

BBC – India: One Man’s Personal Journey Round the Subcontinent – Sanjeev Bhaskar

As a young British Asian growing up in the 1960s west London, writer and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar was fed stories of exotic, old India – of cobras and leopards, trapping fireflies and riding in rickshaws. But his childhood visits to the old country revealed stifling heat, powercuts and the pervasive aroma of cow dung – baffling to a young boy brought up in an England of fish and chips and light drizzle. Now, years later, Sanjeev embarks on a uniquely personal journey through the heart of India, where he is reunited with old relatives with traumatic stories of the Partition – but also discovers a shiny new India of high-tech industry and glittering Bollywood kitsch. Sanjeev paints a unique picture of this chaotic, beautiful and remarkable country – this is India as you’ve never seen it before.


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