Today I decided to start a new page on this blog about the books that I have read. I have always loved books and can’t remember a time when I was without a book. I usually read around 4-6 books on an average per week. This means that I’ve read around 2000 books (give or take a few hundreds) in the last 10 years that I’ve been here. Wow!

When I first came to Singapore around 10 years back, I was amazed by the public library system and totally fell in love with it. For someone like me who needs books as much I need food and air, and who came from a country with no real access to books nearby, this was like something of a revelation! Of course since the time I finished with school, I was a faithful member of both the British Council Library as well as the American Center Library in my hometown. I used to borrow 4 books each (the maximum allowed) for about 3 weeks at a time.

I’m an indiscriminate reader and read all genres with the exception of Science Fiction. For some reason SF is something that has not really appealed to me and believe me I have tried reading them at different points in life to. I love reading historical novels, romances, chick-lit, Asian novelists, travelogues, humor, action, and just about anything in between depending on my mood at the moment. I am also trying to cultivate a love for reading in the doctor (D) and the pilot (P). So far it does look like they like reading, but then reading has stiff competition from the idiot box (television) and the computer/Internet.